Have you ever had one of those “epic fail” moments?

Victory in Defeat

Have you ever had one of those “epic fail” moments? You have a plan, and you attempt to execute the plan, but the outcome ends in a complete disaster.

How did you respond?

Let me tell you about an epic fail moment that Hunter Smith, formerly a holder in the NFL, experienced on the field.

Back in 2010, his team was down 1 point in a tight matchup against the Buccaneers. With 9 seconds remaining on the clock, all they needed to do was make the extra point to send the game into overtime. Simple enough, right?

9-8-7…the ball was snapped to Hunter.

7-6-5…Hunter didn’t catch the snap.

4-3-2-1…the Buccaneers recovered the ball & won 17-16.

The 12-year NFL veteran didn’t know it then, but that snap would come to be the final snap of his NFL career. Talk about feeling like you dropped the ball … literally.

How did Hunter respond?

“In the midst of that moment of defeat, God impressed on my heart that my jersey as an athlete is to be used in His glory, not only in victory but also in moments of defeat.”~Hunter, The Jersey Effect

What if I told you that, like Hunter, it’s possible to experience victory even in your moments of defeat?

Darrin Gray

Athletes in Action

Athletes in Action is partnering with athletes, coaches, & organizations across the world in a campaign to celebrate “Victory Beyond Competition.” The campaign is all about finding worth and value outside personal performance, a daily struggle for athletes competing at every level.

Even if you aren’t in the sports world, this campaign is for you, too. Here’s how you can join in:

  1. Visit the website & write your own victory statement 

  2. Join the movement on social media by sharing your victory beyond competition using the hashtag #VictoryBeyondCompetition

There are many moments that can leave us feeling like a failure, but like Hunter, you can always have #VictoryBeyondCompetition.

So how about it, when do you experience victory beyond the competition?

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