Victory beyond competition is only possible when . . .


We view every situation as an opportunity for worship. Our work (and coaching and playing) turns to worship when we work with excellence in pursuing God’s purposes. The world’s definition of success can only be redefined when we discard the artificial definitions of winning and embrace what God says about true victory. Winning on the scoreboard is never the true definition of victory.

Instead, we must expand our definition of success to include God’s purposes through the gift of competition. We run the race not to win a prize that will fade away but to gain the everlasting gift that is imperishable for eternity. We can only escape the confines of the world’s narrow definition of success when we change our view of winning and competition to align with the one who created sports in the first place.

Victory beyond competition is found in striving, serving, and the struggle. It’s found in the transformation, the learning, and the growth. It’s found in the evolution of what you could become for others as you grow through the challenges and obstacles that stand in your way.

The lives that end with the least amount of regret are the ones that are given away to others: in this, giving away is found the secret to true victory. In their rightful place, sports can only ever be the “game within the game” – they are a microcosm of life on a much grander and more important scale. The true game doesn’t end when the clock strikes 0:00 because true victory can be found in both winning and defeat.

Darrin Gray

We ARE Called

We are called to pursue victory beyond the field of competition with our thoughts, our values, and our actions. With our service, our humility, and our purpose. When the world believed that Jesus had been defeated, it was really only the beginning. And even though the scoreboard may not end in our favor, for those who believe in victory beyond competition, the real game has just begun.

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